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Why I Love Blogging And Writing Randomly

Teruskan cuba resepi terbaik ini.. Why I Love Blogging And Writing Randomly
Why I Love Blogging And Writing Randomly. I love reading from the childhood until now when i am matured enough. From then, I start writing online as my diary.

When you cannot talk and sit togerher with people beside you, your parent maybe..., you always can tell others through your online diary or weil known as BLOG.

Since then when I notice that wriitng online is easy and simple, I registered more than one blog for my own convenient. Until todate, I owned 3 active blog with different niche. Haha...

Why I Love Blogging And Writing Randomly


Blogging is like a way for escaping from many thing, for example to avoid personal problem, to release stress, for money and etc.

Why I love blogging? Please read below of my personal point of view about blogging...

Why I Love Blogging And Writing Randomly

1. Enjoy writing

Yeah, just because i enjoyed writing so I will write whatever I like for my leasure. I write not because for popularity, I write because I do. People said do whatever you like as long as you not disturb others matter.

2. Sharing information

Writing is like you telling people things you know, for what they didn't. Some people didn't know much about new thing so you can write to sharing information. For example, you may know about the currency drop nowadays but some of them especially for housewife or rural people they didn't understand. So, you can sharing information for them be educate.

3. Telling story

Telling story of your true journey maybe, can release what are you facing in life. You may right or wrong with your opinion. But by telling your experience through your blog, its something awesome. After you telling yours, sure readers will feedback their experience too. Isn't it good for exchange life moment together online? No hard feeling what!!

4. Write for money!

I love money! Who doesn't love money? Do not bluffing me, rite. For beginnig I gain income from free advertising medium like Nuffnang, Adsense, joining Affiliate programme, writing advertorial and etc. What you need is just install banner in your cute blog and the when you are lucky enough, you may get few dollars per month. As for me so far..., am enjoy received more than USD100 monthly. Alhamdulillah...

If people ask me to stop writing, what am I going to do? Why must I stop writing because people asking me to doing so, as far as I know I won't stop writing and blogging until the end of the day.

Doing right and Allah SWT will ease the rest. Do your part as human being and well being too...don't lie!

Finally, I want to share something...
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Small note:

##Forgive me for my 'broken English', as long as you understand, I am satisfied.:) :)

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