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Bless Tuesday #1: Love Letter From Unknown To Anonymous


Today is Tuesday. Shall we play something different today? Just for the bless Tuesday, I would like to invite you all to comment or make correction to the following love letter, from the unknown to anonymous, haha...

To my dearest abe 'intan' umbrella, 

Just now i am thinking of you, i cannot do anything for the time being. I am try to writing a poem to you but it turn like 'pantun'. Is it because I don't know to use flowerful words or I am not romantic person? I try/tried many times but resulted all paper throwing into the dustbin. Later on I am feeling unwell then I take MC and go back home to rest. So you know now that I am at the office when my head cannot forgetting you anymore...

Oh!! My 'intan' umbrella...teach me to draft a poem...Oh! my English...haha..         

your darlie',
a lady with high heel.. 

This Bless Tuesday segment created just for fun only and will repeatedly every Tuesday in my blog. Hope you all will feel better and relieve when knowing that someone care about what we do and show us their caring through different view and method.

Somehow, caring is much touching, indeed...

p/s; saya juga 'mak budak' yang baru belajar. mari kita guna bahasa inggeris cara malaysian! 1Malaysia! ~ aynora nur

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