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Nuffnang Bagi CPUV Q3 Prepaid Roaming

Nuffnang Bagi CPUV Q3 Prepaid Roaming - Ada tak sesiapa yang tahu tentang Q3 Prepaid Roaming ni? Saya cuba google maklumat tentangnya tetapi amat terhad dan goes nowhere...

Ada sesetengah blog kata ia mungkin iklan Hotlink, tetapi saya agak ia iklan Digi, because roaming ni untuk international calls, betul tak?

CPUV Q3 Prepaid Roaming

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Di bawah ini saya sertakan soal jawab dari website tersebut. Boleh baca untuk pemahaman lanjut.

Q1.What is Prepaid Internet Roaming?
A1.Prepaid internet roaming allows DiGi Prepaid™ subscribers to surf the Internet while roaming. 

Q2.How much will I be charged for this service?
A2.You will be charged RM5 / MB with a 10kb charging block. 

Q3.What are the countries and operators available for this service?
A3.The countries and operators available for this service are as follows:
i) Thailand - dtac, TrueMove, AIS (available since 11 November 2011)
ii) Singapore - Starhub, SingTel, M1 (available since 17 May 2012) 

Q4.Is there any subscription fee for this service?
A4.There is no subscription fee for this service. You will have Internet access as long as you have sufficient credit in your account while you are roaming via any of the Thailand and Singapore operators. No subscription is required. 

Q5.Is there a minimum credit balance required to use Prepaid Internet Roaming?
A5.No minimum credit balance is required for use this service. However, your account must be active within the validity period. If the data charge is RM0.05 / 10kb, you must have at least RM0.05 in your account in order to establish a connection. You will be disconnected once you have utilised 10kb. 

Q6.How do I turn off data usage while roaming?
A6.You can follow the instructions here to turn off data roaming. 

Q7.Will I still be charged if my GPRS has been deactivated?
A7.No, you will not be charged if your GPRS has been deactivated. 

Q8.What are the plans that support Prepaid Internet Roaming?
A8.All DiGi Prepaid™ plans and Happy Prepaid support Prepaid Internet Roaming. 

Q9.What is the connection speed if I surf the Internet while roaming?
A9.Your connection speed will depend on whether or not you are attached to our roaming partners' 3G or EDGE network. 

Q10.Can I utilise my Internet freebies while roaming?
A10.No, freebies are not applicable while roaming.

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